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A free size community welcomes you to join us if you haven't.
Welcome to Skinny_0
Two girls with one ambition. Result = Weight Loss. Hopefully over the development of this community, two girls will become three and so on. We're looking to expand our family; and if you are ED or not, with one aim in mind and that is losing weight, apply now. Purpose; A place to vent, self-inspire, inspire others, see progress and having a close-knit e-friends, and obviously, weight loss!
Rules & Regulations
Post large and NSFW photo(s) behind a cut. How to LJ-cut.
Maximum number of photos allowed to put outside cut is only one and must be of appropriate size.
Make all your entries 'friends only'.
Label 'NSFW' where appropriate. NSFW = not safe for work. i.e. nudity.
There's no limitation to number of entry you make in a day.
Promoting  in this community is only allowed to be done here.
Give your entries proper subjects and/or tags.
How to Apply
1. Join.
2. Reply to this post with the following details; name, age, country, LW, HW (optional), CW, GW and/or LTGW in lbs, your height, and a photo of you (optional) .
3. Once accepted as a member, write you first post with the above details and the following:

* Please remember to do this step, so we can post your info in the members list page! :)
4. Last but not least, commit to it! :)

Please do NOT skip any steps especially step 2.
Member requests without step 2 will not be accepted.

more coming soon....
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