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No skipping steps. [05 Jan 2008|08:08pm]
I am happy to know that there's already more than 5 members in this community. I hope it gets bigger and bigger but manageable.

I'm here to remind, if you haven't done your first post, please do it soon so it's easy for us to get track of who have\haven't since the population number is still small.

And to people who's requesting for membership, please, comment first with your stats, only then I will accept the request.

Please take time reading this community info page.

Promote here [03 Jan 2008|01:00am]
Promotion on any other place than here in this community will be deleted.

INTRODUCTION [28 Dec 2007|01:36pm]

Why HELLO. Welcome to Skinny_0: Two girls with one ambition. Result = Weight Loss. Hopefully over the development of this community, two girls will become three and so on. We're looking to expand our family; and if you are of any age, ED or not, with one aim in mind and that is losing weight, apply now.

(Comments in this post are screened, ie. only the moderators can view them.)


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